Winter Storm Riley creates havoc for technology companies.


When Winter Storm Riley knockouts the Northeast of the United States many small companies were not ready for the onslaught of outages that were to take place on March 2, 2018 across the globe. Companies like Amazon, GoDaddy, Capital One, and Google according to Down Detector were just some of the more than 2 dozen that had majors outages. Many of the fail-over that were put in place at this those locations didn’t work and likely put the small companies in a dilemma to be able to have work done on Friday. Many companies who depend on these larges service providers to provide phone, cloud apps as known as Software – as – a – Service(SaaS) and other services to remain open during the day to conduct business. So, what are some key takeaways from this outage.

Power Requirements

Although we don’t know what was in the Server farms for the battery backups or what generators were in play when power does go out. Many of these service providers don’t directly own these facilities with some third-party company managing these servers. These third-parties invest in powerful server, power conditioning and heating and cooling systems to keep systems running smoothly that is until the power is gone. Let’s take a moment and think about your systems. Do you have a battery backup connected to your network equipment? What about every computer desk with equipment that has no battery attached to it?

Software – as – a – Service (SaaS) Backup Plan

Most SaaS don’t have a cache of data and require you to login to a portal. This is good from a security stand-point for losing a device but for productivity can kill it in an instance. If your SaaS can connect to your Outlook have it export to it and mark your time in the journal part of the outlook if you are required to put in time to the activity that you needed once it comes back online.

Use IT Services Providers Who Monitors the Services You Used.

Most small business don’t know where to look to see if their services are currently having an outage. A great IT services provider will know and are usually alerted to them within minutes and getting the word out to them within 30 minutes of a prolong outage. Keeping you updated thought the outages. If you currently have a IT Services Provider and don’t have these services. You can always call us at 877-496-1325 to learn more about this type of service.

Power plans, Back up Plans and a Great IT provider

These are needed at all levels whether you are a 1 man or woman band to a major corporation with location around the globe. From adopting power plans to backup plans and knowing where to monitor your cloud services that you use. Many IT Services will often this at no charge or every little each month. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 877-496-1325 or