What to Do If Your Website Displays a “Not Secure” Warning

In July 2018, Google released Chrome version 68 which displays a security warning to any Chrome user who visits a website that is not encrypted. If you or your website visitors see a red triangle and the words “not secure” next to your web address, you should encrypt your website as soon as possible. This Chrome warning could be scaring away your website traffic.

How Did This Happen?

More than 60% of the population uses Chrome to browse the Internet. As part of Google’s move for a more secure web browsing experience, they have been pushing for website encryption for several years now.

In January 2017, with the release of Chrome version 56, Google started to display a similar security warning on any website that collected credit card information without encryption. Google had posted an alert on their security website four months prior to release Chrome 56.

Companies that hadn’t secured their websites scrambled to put encryption in place quickly because they started to lose customers immediately. It’s quite scary for a buyer to see a security warning just when they are about to provide their credit card information over the Internet. Google posted another alert in February 2018 about its plans beginning with the July release of Chrome 68. It’s not just password or credit card pages that show the security warning. It’s every single web page that is not encrypted.

What This Means for Your Business

When someone goes to your website, regardless of whether they are making a purchase or simply looking up your phone number, Chrome now checks to see if your web pages are encrypted.
If they are not, Chrome displays the security warning. In today’s environment where high profile data breaches occur regularly, this warning can cause serious concerns.

Your clients may wonder if their private information is secure with your company or whether it is susceptible to a breach.
Your prospects may think twice before doing business with you for fear that their private information may be compromised.

How to Remove the Chrome Security Warning

Encrypting your website can be done quickly using open source tools. Once your site is encrypted, Chrome will display the word “Secure” in green next to your web address.

However, there is a bigger underlying issue related to your company’s security. If you are using an IT firm to manage your computer systems and they did not tell you about this serious security alert, there may be other security holes in your infrastructure that they overlooked.

We strive to keep our clients safe and informed about security issues that can impact their business. In fact, we start with a security analysis to identify vulnerabilities that should be addressed quickly.
Our services include performing security patches through remote monitoring and management, business-grade data backup to protect you from ransomware attacks, and other appropriate measures we identify during the analysis.

Contact us if your website is not encrypted or to schedule a complimentary security audit at 877.496.1325 or info@1080titan.com.

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