Is Your IT a Slam Dunk?

Is your IT a slam dunk

Is Your IT a Slam Dunk or a Missed Free Throw?

Shortly, the basketball season will start for everyone, from little league to the pros. Here are five ways to tell if your IT is a pro with a slam dunk.

Staying on Top of Threats and Trends in the IT Environment.
Many hardware and software companies send out updates and patches for their products. The technology world is ever changing. Those vendors will update with the current times. It is your up to your IT support to test them before it’s applied to your environment. If your IT support isn’t doing this or at least talking to you about this. They are missing a comfortable made free throw.

Quarterly Business Review

A quarterly business review is a review of tickets, trends seen in your environment. Roadmap updates on where your technology roadmap is and where it might be needing to look soon. These meeting should be where you can find yourself to cut unnecessary spending and to project future unforeseen events. Your IT support should be able to benchmark you with other similar businesses. Can be a missed easy layup for your IT support if not done correctly.

How is Support Laid Out for you?

Most IT companies have ways to have to request support and are laid out for you. If you have monitoring tickets can be automatically added for you, but in some cases, monitoring can’t see everything. So a call or email in most cases is how you would be able to get support. Most tickets should be closed out within three business days, however as we all know with technology, somethings can prolong close to items. 3rd party support and the like. Should be a natural 2 pointer for IT.

A Clearly Define Ticket Priority System.

Your IT support should have a system in place to clearly define ticket priority over another. , but there are industry standards out there defining how critical one is from the other. For example, a missing none crucial file for one person should never override a down internet connection for over 25 people, there are some exceptions, but they are rare. This is a 3 pointer if they lay it out for you.

An Understandable Rates and Invoices.

We have all been there, we get one rate and the next it is a whole another rate comes over in the invoice, and most of the time it can be much higher. Are your rates layout in the statement of work before the work starts? Once the work completed, did the invoice come over with what done or are you just getting one-liners? IT companies should always be able to tell you what they did and how they did it. Tickets should continually be updated in real time. The Slam dunk of them all but many IT companies miss this one.

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