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Did Microsoft Just Win the Internet?

Good news for people wanting a new Microsoft Surface Pro 6 2-in-1. It is all grown up. No longer just for schools, video-games, and weekend play, the new Surface Pro is ready for prime-time. It has a sleek new look and a thicker, black non-slip coating on the exterior. This makes it much more professional-looking…
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Is Your IT a Slam Dunk?

Is Your IT a Slam Dunk or a Missed Free Throw? Shortly, the basketball season will start for everyone, from little league to the pros. Here are five ways to tell if your IT is a pro with a slam dunk. Staying on Top of Threats and Trends in the IT Environment. Many hardware and…
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Hurricane Florence set to hit the Carolinas coast

Hurricane Florence is currently set to hit the east coast mainly Charleston heading up the I-26 to I-77 Interstates. A Hurricane Preparation Small List Get bottle water and canned foods ready Get first aid kits and flashlights ready Extra batteries A manual can opener 72 hours of meds This is only a small list of…
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