Frustrated with phone bills that are through the roof?

Then it’s time to consider VoIP!

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems allow you to make and receive phone calls over the Internet – eliminating long distance charges almost entirely, while enhancing your ability to communicate with colleagues, customers, and partners.  What’s more, you can move to a VoIP without the big up-front equipment costs of buying a new phone system.  The savings alone are all you need to make the move!

Did you know compared to using a standard telephone (PSTN) line, using Internet based VoIP you can reduce your monthly line charges by up to 50% or more, and eliminate your long distance charges for calls made in Canada and U.S.!

Ready to discover the benefits that VoIP can offer your business?

  • Improve your bottom line – with VoIP services from 1080 Titan Technologies that focus on drastically reducing your phone bills and increasing your ability to collaborate.
  • The right solution for your business – we provide cost comparisons for VoIP solutions, and assess your current phone systems to determine compatibility.

Why pass up those huge savings?

Get in touch with 1080 Titan Technologies at or (877) 496-1325 to learn more.

  • With unlimited North American calling, you eliminate long distance charges that drive up bills.
  • Gain access to your phone systems from absolutely anywhere, so that no matter where your work takes you, you’re never left in the dark. Productivity increases exponentially when you’re always connected.
  • You also say goodbye to capital expenditures typically needed when phones require upgrades.

Watch your business thrive with innovative technology that gives you the absolute best odds for success. Reach out to 1080 Titan Technologies to learn more about VoIP phones and our Managed IT services and empower your business’ communications.

Ready to reduce your phone bills in half? Our Managed IT services cover that too!  Contact us today at (877) 496-1325 or send our team an email to

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