Chris Wilson is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of 1080 Titan Technologies (Sagat’s Computers Inc.,) one of the world's most diversified technology companies. Wilson’s leadership, technology insight, and operational expertise have strengthened Sagat’s Computers Inc’s culture of innovation, expanded the company into new markets, and extended its product portfolio and global reach. In 2012, Wilson led the transformation of being a sole proprietorship to an S Corporation resulting in the creation of 6 more jobs during a tough economic time, expanding Sagat’s Computers Inc’s ability to help customers measure and optimize the value of online experiences, and content.

Before his appointment as CEO in February of 2012, Wilson was Sagat’s Computers' sole owner, responsible for the company’s day-to-day global operations, product research and development, marketing and company development. In 2005, he joins the United States Air Force looking to improve the company outlook better little did he know what he would learn. In the time spent in the USAF, had made it a personal committed to learning all about the contracting world of government for the insider knowledge that was not getting from the outside looking in. During this time in the USAF, he has traveled overseas to Korea, Germany, Iraq, and Qatar learning how the international business of shipping, which improves the Global positioning of the company as well made many contact for future business.

Before founding Sagat’s Computers in 2002, Wilson attended High School in a small rural town of Vian, Oklahoma in Eastern Oklahoma. Before heading off to college at Eastern Oklahoma State College to studied computer technology to add on what he had learned in high school while attending Indian Capital Technology Center in Muskogee, Ok, and Sallisaw, Ok, during his junior and senior year. While at college he would go on to play for two national championships. National Bible College Athletic Association Championship (NBCAA) and the Small Bible College Athletic Association Championship (SBCAA).

Wilson holds 51 ownership of Sagat’s Computers Inc. and is a speaker at industry and academic events. He is a member of the NASBA Advisory Board, established in 2012 to provide advice on how to implement best business practices, including the application of technology.

Chris Wilson is on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

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