Just about every business needs to create documents for sharing information, slideshows for giving presentations, spreadsheets for organizing data… and when it comes to managing these responsibilities, no tools are more effective than Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, in addition to all the other helpful products that make up the Office suite.

1080 Titan Technologies will implement and manage a cloud-based Office 365 solution for you that provides you with the tools you need at a price you can easily afford.

The most obvious benefit of Office 365 is the initial cost. Setting up your workforce with physical copies of Microsoft Office 2013 would cost you over $100 per employee, but with Office 365 providing your workforce with the same programs will cost you less than $10 per employee up front.

Microsoft Office 365 Benefits

And the benefits of Office 365 go beyond the cost. A company as big as Microsoft has an incredible amount of resources to put into their datacenters, so in addition to getting a more affordable solution, you also benefit from using more powerful, reliable, and secure servers than anything you’d be able to set up on your own.

Another benefit to having your tech tools stored offsite is that if you’re hit with a fire or flood or your office is unavailable for any other reason, you can still continue working through assignments and collaborating on projects, business as usual, without having to deal with any productivity-crippling downtime.

Indeed, Office 365 allows your employees to access the tools and data they need to get their jobs done from wherever they can find an internet connection instead of being limited to the office. More availability means your employees will be able to get more work down, and a more productive workforce means you’ll have an easier time meeting your revenue goals.

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