Hurricane Florence set to hit the Carolinas coast

Hurricane Florence is currently set to hit the east coast mainly Charleston heading up the I-26 to I-77 Interstates.

A Hurricane Preparation Small List

  1. Get bottle water and canned foods ready
  2. Get first aid kits and flashlights ready
  3. Extra batteries
  4. A manual can opener
  5. 72 hours of meds

This is only a small list of items needed and you can find the more complete list at Built a Kit from FEMA. There you will find a downloadable check list.

A Hurricane Preparation Technology List

  1. Ensure you have a proper backup system in place should in case affected if systems won’t boot back up. It is best to have a routine exercise to test before you need. If you are not sure our team at 1080 Titan Technologies can help. Don’t wait until the day of the storm to do this or test them.
  2. Power down and unplug from power outlets all network equipment the day of the storm. This will prevent any damage to equipment. Backup UPS can only do so much for it for extended periods of time. Most UPS only last a few hours and hurricane last for a few days (i.e. power outages).
  3. Power down all computers and servers. No sense on leaving them on especially desktops. Unplug from the wall power outlet and ethernet cable.
  4. Printers, probably the most overlooked item. Power these down too. Just as you did with the computer do the same with the printer.

These items can be done with easy but if you would like a professional to come to do it, you can call us at 877-496-1325 to help you with it.

After the hurricane

Expect power surges, brownouts, and fluctuations for at least several days or longer after power has been restored. All the effort you went through in preparation may be lost if you take a hit after the storm. Hook up everything as it was before you unhooked it. If you run into any problems. Reach out to us for the assist at 877-496-1325.

1080 Titan Technologies Team

Our team of professionals are here to assist you during these times and after.

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