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1080 Titan Technologies Provides Proactive IT Solutions that Reduce Downtime and Jumpstart Revenue for Charlotte Businesses

We’re always trying to figure out which technology needs aren’t being addressed in our community.

That’s how we started: back in 2002 our founder was still living in his hometown of Vain, Oklahoma, and he realized college students had to drive more than hour out of town to get affordable IT support.
He saw an opportunity, decided to jump on it, and it paid off: we’re still around over a decade later, and we’ve expanded from college students to serve businesses across many industries, with a focus on the non-profit, real estate, government, accounting, and manufacturing verticals.

Better than Break/Fix

 A lot of Charlotte businesses try to save a little money by forgoing any kind of IT support until they absolutely need it because something breaks.
But any of the savings you’re able to squeeze out of this method will be offset (much more than just offset, actually) by the significant loss in production that results from taking the break/fix route.
If you don’t actively keep track of your equipment it will eventually fail on you and burden your business with downtime, taking away the tools your workers need to get their jobs done.
That’s why we regularly assess all your hardware, whether it’s outdated or not. We find problems if they’re present and replace or upgrade equipment before it fails. Less hardware failure means less downtime, and less downtime means your employees will get more work done and produce more revenue.

Support You Can Actually Understand

We’re obsessed with technology… but we don’t expect you to be.
Why is it that a lot of IT guys don’t seem to get that?
We’re not going to waste your time with a bunch of acronyms and jargon and needless explanations that you don’t need to hear and couldn’t understand even if you did need to hear.
Instead, we’ll get right down to business value. We know how to translate what we do, even the more complicated concepts, into plain English that C-level execs with little to no experience in IT can understand and get excited about.
So let’s sit down with your leadership, shall we? Where do
you see yourself in 5 or 10 years? What are your long-term goals? We’ll show
you, step by step, how we can use technology to help you grow and reach those
long-term goals.

Give us a call at 877.496.1325 or send a message over to info@1080titan.com for more information about our IT services in Charlotte. 


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“Their business advisors had an impressive ability to delve deep into our market and domain. By taking the time to understand our business, they have been able to provide great solutions…”

Adam Smith


“Their business advisors had an impressive ability to delve deep into our market and domain. By taking the time to understand our business, they have been able to provide great solutions…”

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